Monday, February 16, 2009

Butterfly devours Whoville

We think it's best if you send the children out of the room at this time.
Yes, it's true after all the hard work poor Horton the elephant put in convincing his own ignorant world of the existence of and need for the preservation of the inhabitants of Whoville, he unsuspectingly thought he'd found a safe place where the little Who people of Whoville could go on living uninterrupted.
Unfortunately he thought the best place for them was in a nature preserve. Unbeknownst to him the preserve was dedicated to saving an endangered species of butterfly known Argonnes pandora, that just happens to feed on the microscopic organisms, of purple dandelions.
Who in 'H. E. double hockey sticks' could have suspected such a horrible fate for all those little whos . It's been reported that Horton, now no longer hearing a who, has been despondent and has stopped taking a bath. Folks, I'm afraid this means there will be no sequel. Please click on the following hyperlink in this moment of silence for the Who's of Whoville.

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