Monday, July 20, 2009

What's New at Deja New

Written by Loraine Alkire

The LA hip chic are enamoured with this limited edition lithograph at Deja New, 2257 Pacific Coast Highway Lomita, CA. The Artist is Egan Schiele, a protiege of Gustav Klimt; no wonder the LA hip chic love it. The lithographer is well known Max Jaffe, almost as well known for his lithography work as the artist himself. This particular lithography is worth well over $2000 dollars and priced at just $600. Use this coupon number and get an extra 10% off (lahipchic200971960). The current economy may be troublesome, but it has true advantage for collectors looking for fine art.

Another lithograph that the LA hip chic adore is the one below (Please note the blotches are from the camera taking the photo and not the lithograph itself. The La hip chic adore Henri Matisse and especially find this one lively and interesting. Both of these would be wall worthy and we are very picky about wall worthiness.

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