Monday, September 28, 2009

From Small Apartments Without Computers These Twenty Somethings Created Their Entrepreneurial Destiny

Founders of Family Creations, egg donation and reproductive services
Left, Julia Alkire, Right Stephanie Goldman

What is it like to be a successful entrepreneur in your twenties sparking the interest of publications like Forbes and Inc. Magazines? The hip chic asks Family Creations, LLC. Co-founder and Director of Development, Julia Alkire McConnell.
Julia Alkire McConnell: To own a successful business has to be a pretty wonderful feeling for anyone; it certainly is for me! The icing on the cake is being able to own a business doing what I love which is helping deserving people.
LaHipChic: How does it feel to get recognized as unique young entrepreneurs by publications such as Inc magazine and Forbes woman?
Julia Alkire McConnell:It feels pretty incredible and very surreal. When your running a business everything is so fast passed that you never really have a chance to step back and say to yourself “Wow, look at what I have accomplished!” When I read both articles it was almost as if I was reading them about someone else.
LaHipChic: Did you ever dream that 'your dreams' for your business would turn out so well while sitting in a park, on playground swings, thinking of a name for your business?
Julia Alkire McConnell: Honestly, no! I thought “what am I getting myself into; am I in over my head?” Now that Family Creations has developed into a well run organization I am able to think and dream and know that my even bigger dreams for Family Creations could come true with hard work and a lot of drive.
LaHipChic: What have been your most doubtful moments?
Julia Alkire McConnell:
I would say that there were a few weeks after our website was running 'live' where Stephanie and I would literally stare at the phones (not ringing) and in my mind I would think… ok we are paying rent, paying our salaries… paying for these phones… and yet they are not ringing. That was a pretty scary time… it seemed to be overnight that they did start ringing and now we have 6 lines going at once… and a receptionist to answer all the calls!
LaHipChic: What was the point where you said to yourself this is real; I am a business woman with a lucrative business?
Julia Alkire McConnell:
I am not sure if I have said that yet… I guess right now being asked these questions hahaha… It’s just so incredible.

The Lahipchic really appreciate a good story of hope for young people in this depressed economy of making it on drive, determination and a solid plan. We feel that both of you deserve kudos for proving young people are able to accomplish great things!

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  1. What an amazing and inspiring story for people of all ages especially in this economy.
    It's great to see young bright individuals succeed.


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