Monday, September 21, 2009

Men's Americana Fashion- The Hip Chic Approve

James Dean Rebel without a Cause
About Men's Americana Fashion
By Loraine Alkire
Men's Americana fashion describes 1950s revival clothing combined with everything from Ralph Lauren suits, deck shoes and ties, to nautical touches. The trend, which arrived in 2006, seems to have been gaining in popularity as evidenced by the number of designers including the look in their lines: Micheal Kor, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Jacobi Press and many more. Read More...


  1. It was a long decade fashion, 1950 is an old one.. Lets us conc. on new fashion 2009.

  2. The old is the new for 2009. Men's Americana Fashion is hip, today and chic, if you had read the article you might know that... but thanks for the comment. Since you appear to know so much about fashion you should know that it is always recycling itself. LaHipChic


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