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Exquisite Spa Parties- By Exquisite Hair Designs Salon and Spa in Newport Beach, Calif

Sharon Antonucci of Exquisite Hair Designs Salon and Spa,Newport Beach, Calif.

Exquisite Hair Designs Salon and Spa- What a Party!
by Loraine Alkire

Ahhh- the spa! There is nothing more relaxing than having someone pamper you both inside and out. Who in this world needs more pampering than women? By nature we pamper others- giving sometimes until little is left for ourselves. Sharon Antonucci of Exquisite Hair Designs in Newport Beach, Calif., has pefected the Spa Party. By nature Sharon is most gracious and giving, she's not only an acclaimed hair and make-up specialist but also a super hostess. She literally puts love into all the details.
Recently some of the LaHipChic crew attended Ms. Antonucci's Spa Party at Exquisite Hair Designs, A boutique spa with an eclectic African-Asian blend of serenity. Her approach to skin, body, mind and health care are holistic by nature; as are her products. From the Yon-ka skin care line to her employee's (hand selected for their individual expertise in massage, body rejuvenation, make-up, hair restoration and treatments.) They are the creme de la creme.
What are Sharon's Spa Parties like? They are a little slice of heaven. For a little slice of money too. Just 25.00 dollars will get you plied with wonderful champagne- peach-almond-cava- or if you like lemon or cucumber water and fresh fruited sparkling waters. Sharon doesn't stop there. As a hostess she knows that having crudites, truffles, fine cheese and crackers meticulously arranged and handy through-out the spa transforms the spa event into a party where people can mingle enjoy, relax and laugh. Ms. Antonucci will be the first to tell you that laughter is as good for the soul and body as any expensive face lift. These parties are meant to be pure fun.
If it's all in the details- Sharon has perfected it.
When we first arrived at the party we were met with a glass of champagne, a basket providing- pristine white robes and new slippers. Our belongings were safely put away in the baskets and off we went on an experience none of us will soon forget. In fact, at this value, we'll be attending all of Exquisite Hair Designs Spa Parties every month.
What came in this wonderful package? A wonderful foot soak and massage with rocks and marbles to roll your feet on at the bottom of the bath and beautiful fresh rose petals floating atop it all. ( Someone was always at the ready to make sure the temperature of the water was just right, your glass was filled, your pillow fluffed, et al. And this was just the beginning- a generous foot and leg exfoliation and ample moisturizing foot massage. There was never a moment to feel alone or neglected.
Then came the mini-facials- quite long in fact- with a skin assessment- proper products for your skin applied, exfoliation, warm compresses, massaging and pleasant conversation- always with your glass filled and soothing conversation to match the magic. As they say in the commercials but wait, there's more!
Then came the hand exfoliation, massage, and moisturizing- generous sampling of products again assessed for your skin type with no hype- no pressure to make a purchase, no guilt instilled to buy a product.(oh how we hate that- and Sharon doesn't do it- that's just not the way she does things- because these parties aren't sales pitches, they are a gift from a gifted woman.
The body massages were extra dollars but worth it!- and first come first serve- so we made sure we were on the list because? Well- hands down (and we've been to many, many, many spas) Sharon Antonucci's massage bed is the most comfortable in all the world. Before the massage even begins, you sink into the perfection of this bed- completely changed over- fresh with soothing music and soothing massage therapist asking you what part of your body you'd like worked on. (I always need neck and shoulders.) Fabulous- just fabulous- by the time the spa party was all over- four hours had passed. Amazing.
If you live anywhere in Southern California this is worth the trip. But book early- these are intimate parties- Sharon likes to make sure- she'll have enough staff, services and food on hand to make the whole evening unforgettable.

For more information: Exquisite Hair Designs Salon and Spa 1617 WestCliff #212- Newport Beach, Ca.
Direct Line: (714) 553-0439; Exquisite Hair Designs Salon Line: (949) 631-3183

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