Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Reflections- Christmas Rush? Hush Little Baby

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It's All Been Done
written by Loraine Alkire

So easy to rush from here to there
Looking for presents born of love
Searching endlessly at Radio Shack
Or Wallmart or Online to try to track
That package; will it get here in time?

Hush Little Baby
It's all been done
By the Spirit

So easy to scramble about
Getting the tree and the lights
Pulling out that blow up nativity
Or nodding reindeer and making divinity
While spreading good cheer
Will the cookies get cooked, the
Pies get baked?

Hush Little Baby
It's all been done
By The Father

Not easy to be at Grandma's house,
With not quite enough time to stop at the
In-laws- Fighting the traffic to get there on time,
To make it happen might take every last dime
Will the snow chains stay on? Will the alarm go off?

Hush Little Baby
It's all been done
By The Father, in the Spirit, through His Son.


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