Saturday, December 19, 2009

This is it - Michael Jackson's Last Stand

By Contributing Writer Ben Kenber
Movie poster for "This Is It"Credit: Columbia Pictures© Columbia Pictures
We Get to Look at the Concerts that Never Were
This appears to be our last stop on the Michael Jackson exploitation train. Ever since his death a couple of months ago at age 50, he has achieved that same level of popularity that he experienced when "Thriller" first came out. It once
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again highlights how Hollywood has tremendous respect for the dead, but none for the living. His kids were robbed of a loving father, and we were robbed of the comeback to end them all. Instead, we have to settle for the documentary "This Is It" which features never before seen footage of the rehearsals he was doing in preparation for the 50 or shows he was scheduled to perform in London.The whiff of exploitation is hard to deny while watching this movie, and it has inspired some controversies. One of them involves the assertion that a body double was used in many shots. Read More...

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