Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Top 10 Hottest Actresses from Other Countries

By contributing writer Ben Kenber

A Look at Those Foreign Ladies Who Are as Hot as They Are Good Actresses

The actresses I have chosen for this list have made movies both in America and other countries, but it is in those other countries where they get to show off their talents the best. When they are introduced to American audiences, they are often pigeonholed in specific roles which are far
beneath them, and they are simply there for filmmakers to exploit their sexuality more than anything else. But sooner or later, we get to see these beautiful ladies for the acting powerhouses that they truly are, and that realization always feels so long overdue. Read More...

Note from LaHipChic: We think Ben Kenber is on point with his picks- Starting with Penelope Cruz. Way to go Ben for not only giving these fabulous women kudos for their looks but also for their abundant talent. And we do love Penelope, so.

Photo courtesy of Joelle Maslaton of Joelle

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