Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mad Men- Vote for Claire Meehan to be a Walk on!

Mad Men Casting Call Contest!
Vote for Clare Meehan- Click Here

Written by Heather Hillstrom

Hello, everyone!
Clare Meehan, a wonderful friend and a VERY talented actress, has submitted herself in a contest to appear in a walk-on role on Mad Men - and WE can help her win! Just click on the link below and vote for her, every day until the 17th, from every browser and device you've got. Easy, right? It'll be easy for your friends, relatives, and coworkers, too - forward it to them and invite them to join Team Clare! WE CAN DO IT!
I hope you'll take a moment and help this wonderful gal out. She is an AMAZING actress who will do great things with this opportunity - maybe even thank YOU in her Oscar speech!
                                                       Thanks everyone!

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