Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Reflections- Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa
Wikimedia-Commons User Túrelio,
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Jesus in Distress and in Disguise

Who couldn't love Mother Teresa? Last night I watched a biography of Mother Teresa and it made me weep. She had a mission in life, a single calling, to help the sick, the poor, the forgotten ones and what better place to start than Calcutta, India, during the first half of the of the 20th century. What set her apart from so many others was her exactness in her desire to help those that no one else would help and nothing more. Mother Teresa would say, "All for Jesus, all for Jesus, all for Jesus, all for Jesus." When asked why. She called herself a pencil in God's hands. How wonderful to be an instrument for Jesus. In this biography she quoted a most memorable passage from the Bible," To the least of these my brethren, for what you do unto them you do unto me" [paraphrased] this most exemplified what Mother Teresa was doing here on earth, in Calcutta, in the United States with Aids patients, all across the globe. She said of the sick and the poor that she saw them as Jesus in the distress and in disguise. 
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  1. God Bless Mother Teresa and her Sisters of Charity order. Today they operate in over 100 countries unselfishly caring for disabled and sick orphans.


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