Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Green and Eco Presents with Style and Purpose

Green and Eco Presents with Style and Purpose
Monkey See, Monkey Do- Eco Minded Presents for Kids and Teens

Written by Loraine Alkire
Be Love , an online store, is not only a great store to get terrific T-shirts for children and teens it also has a great cause, promoting non-violence. Two of my favorite T-shirts for children are Earth Angel and "My life is My Message". All the T-shirts are made with 100% cotton using low impact fabric dyed and washed for a wonderfully soft feel. Most of the Shirts are about $30.00. Founders, Kyle Finch and KamGi note on their website, "The 'Be Love' apparel brand has been designed to inspire and sustain the work of service through education. We believe in the power of education to transform people and communities and have made the teachings of nonviolence a central focus of our outreach to youth."  READ MORE...

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