Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009- Climate Change and the LAhipChic

Blog Action Day 2009: Topic Climate Change

Scientists don't always agree on why the climate is changing so fast, but they do agree that it is changing. Perhaps, you've come to the conclusion, as I have, that it really doesn't matter if the sky is falling or not; the fact is we humans pollute at an alarming rate.
You can certainly see landfills all over the world, smog and other things, that just plain didn't exist before the industrial revolution. So until the bits and pieces are ironed out by the giant minds and computers trying to find out why the climate is changing, why not play life on the safe side? At the very least we can do our part by conserving energy, using less fossil fuel and taking things back a bit to pre-industrial revolution times.

I don't normally drive, I take the bus and I'm happy to say that many of the busses I take have become hybrid types. This saves me an enormous amount of money. From auto insurance, gas and repairs, to car payments and regular maintenance; a car is just plain expensive. I consider this my little part for humanity. It also plays a huge part keeping cash in my pocket.

I wash most of my clothes by hand and dry them outside in the sun. They come out fresh and airy, my cotton towels are very soft. This serves two purposes- I get exercise and sunshine and I use the solar power of the sun to dry my clothes. I use much less water than a washing machine and my clothes last longer. I do hit the laundry mat when it's been raining but believe me I save quite a bit on energy and on dollars when not expended at the laundry mat.

Coincidently, it's Energy Conservation Month, so it's a great month to think about what you can do to conserve energy. Have you checked your home for air leaks? Caulking and sealing up spots that bring in a draft before winter is a great idea. Thought about using solar lights for the garden or even using them in the house? Just put them outside when the sun is shining and use them at night. Just opening and closing the blinds at the right time of day can save you a ton in heating and cooling costs.

I think one of the biggest benefits of conserving energy is that almost everything a person does that pertains to reducing energy is also money saving at the same time. That's instant rewards folks! And just from the LAhipChic ... Saving money and conserving energy is very, very fashionable. read more about blogactionday here :www.blogactionday.org

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