Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Reflections: Be Still and Know

by Loraine Alkire written with a little help from my Friend.
Be Still and Know
God moments; I believe they happen to everyone at some point in time; whether the moment is rejected later as a fantasy out of the logical workings of the mind is up to each of us.
To hold your newborn baby for the first time is certainly a God moment for many.
To watch someone die is as well.
To come out of the grips of a great illness to see the sun shine once again is a God moment.
To have absolute joy as a child would, with peels of laughter, until you cry so hard that love abounds in your heart for that very moment; God?
We are but dust in the end true; but what of our essence? That undeniable, profoundly impossible to explain soul that we have; God or some egotistical imagining?
My heart cried out to Him this morning and His words to me…
“Be still and know “
Look at the flower; look at the stars; look at wonders to behold. Be still and know. Perhaps extraordinary moments still the mind, still the heart, still the ramblings of old fools like me just long enough to know, to know the core, where is it? It comes from outside, it comes from within. It is an eternal longing; for as long as the breath of man exists.

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  1. Thought provoking and beautiful expression. Thanks! :-)


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