Friday, November 13, 2009

Two Greats in One Great Space- Chuck Alvarez and Tim Weisberg Perform Live at Alva's in San Pedro

Written by Loraine Alkire

Chuck Alvarez, veteran guitar player in several genres including jazz, R&B and Blues Based Rock has coupled once again with Tim Weisberg. Tim Weisberg's career spans three decades and included over 20 albums to the largest record labels in the world. He has sold over seven million records.
The Duo have been performing with each other and each others bands for decades now and have a symbiotic musical relationship that is out of this world.Chuck saw the natural re-starting point as Alva's Performance Studio in San Pedro where he recorded his latest CD, 'As Live as it Gets' ; due to be released before Christmas with fabulous results.
Chuck says he owes much of the success to one Matt Lincer for his personal dedication to creating a great place for performers of all genres.Matt Lincer has equipped Alva's performance Studio with just about every high quality accoutrement that money and ingenuity can buy and a sound system that will blow you away.
They say the devil is in the details and so is good sound quality. This space was a natural to begin with and performers from all around the world are now vying for a chance to play this small 60 seat studio.
Listeners are also appreciative when their favorite performers are going to perform at Alva's. So it's all good folks. "Tim Weisberg & Chuck Alvarez will be joined by, Barnaby Finch on piano, Adam Idell on drums, Lynn Keller on bass and a special guest vocalist (LaHipChic is sworn to secrecy but you will not be disappointed). The group will be performing 2 shows Nov 21st. (7:00 & 9:00pm).
There are no waitresses or menus, but you can bring your own food and drinks and there is a room off to the right of the entrance with tables, refrigerator and ice stand to keep your beverages cold. Right away you will feel like you are having a party with all your friends. The band members are usually hanging out and having a great time too.

Chuck Alvarez and Tim Weisberg at Alva's Performance Space in San Pedro
Neighborhood: 1417 W. Eighth StreetSan Pedro, CA

Tickets are $20.00 and are available by calling Chuck at 909-645-3054 or e-mailing him at Or calling Alva's at 310-519-1314. For more information: check out: and

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