Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Reflections- Whose Will?

Seven sins tainted

Make that a million.
I’d far say more
So what good is my will?
It's a soiled sheet

My mind partners with
Darkness time and time
I admit defeat
But praises I sing
                                                       “Make me pure”

                                                        Can this not be?
                                                          Offspring that I am
                                                          Of original sin,
                                                          Iniquities den?
                                                     Sin no more?

                                                       “Go- and sin no more”
                                                      I’m desperately trying
                                                        Relying helplessly
                                                        By Your blood
                                                              For this is my only chime

                                                             Your will be done not mine
by Loraine Alkire

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  1. echoing these verses; poetry is spiritual and therapeutic. this has inspired me to write about the healing power of verse


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