Monday, January 25, 2010

James Cameron's Avatar - Ends 2009 on an Amazing Note

Contributing Writer Ben Kenber's Take on Avatar
Editor's note: I'm not going to lie to you folks this is a long, long article but well worth the read, especially if you want to learn the inside scoop on the actors, James Cameron's wait for technology to catch up to his fantasy and all sorts of tidbits.

Over Ten Years After "Titanic," We Finally Get a New Movie from This Director

 "That is our (USA) job around the world; run in, free some people, and whip a little industry on them. So they can enjoy the benefits of industry that we have come to enjoy (cough)."
-George Carlin from "Class Clown"
"Some of the darkest chapters in the history of my world involve the forced relocation of a small group of people to satisfy the demands of a large one. I'd hoped that we had learned from our mistakes but it seems that some of us haven't."
"Jean-Luc, we're only moving 600 people."
"How many people does it take, Admiral before it becomes wrong? A thousand? Fifty thousand? A million? HOW MANY PEOPLE DOES IT TAKE, ADMIRAL??"
-Patrick Stewart and Anthony Zerbe from "Star Trek: Insurrection"
We waited for this one almost as long as we awaited the release of Guns 'n' Roses' "Chinese Democracy," and now it is here. James Cameron has been at it again, making the most expensive movie ever, but this is nothing new and we are so burned out from hearing all the gossip about movie budgets. The naysayers were out in full force proclaiming that this would be a disaster as its release was delayed a couple of times. But "Avatar" shows once again that there is no one more equipped than James Cameron to change the way we look at movies. With his latest epic, he has achieved the impossible and completely blurred the line between what is real and what is a special effect. Read More...You won't regret it...

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