Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Brystan Experience- A Valentine Like No Other

Photo by Brystan Photography
A Valentine like No Other
by Loraine Alkire

 Brystan Photography Studios, in Aliso Viejo, California and Valentine's Day are a perfect compliment.

Valentine's Day is coming fast. What are you going to do for him? Like most men they have everything they need and if they don't have it chances are they don't want it. Candy, cards and red silk boxers are nice and soon forgotten. Yes, he'd be happy with golf clubs but that doesn't exactly scream romance does it? (Men have been known to kiss their clubs but it's you he should to be kissing.)

Lori Brystan, the photographer: After having been an Elite Model, she realized she had a talent for photography and so began her twenty year passion with photographing women; real women. She has an uncanny ability to look into the soul of any woman, see her inner beauty and bring it out in the most extraordinary ways. The entire experience is one that can turn an ordinary woman into a star for a day. This is professional modeling photography with all the accoutrements: hair styling, make-up and beautiful sets. Then it's lights, camera, action; creating visions that are not phony, not overdone, but incredibly special leaving many women in tears and boosting their confidence for life.

The wall of cards and letters in Ms. Brystan's Studio state it all. "I cried when my photo album came, not only did you make me feel special during the shoot, but I just could not believe the results, these are pictures that I will cherish all my life. They look like me on my best, happiest day. I feel as though you captured my soul not just a shot."

Tina, Lori Brystan's right hand, confesses that she has seen and heard women cry when they realize that they really are beautiful, no matter their shape, their perceived flaws, their self-image (usually having little to do with the reality of the beautiful women that they are) Ms. Brystan's greatest talent is in pulling that beauty out of a woman's very soul and capturing it on film. To Ms. Brystan all women are beautiful.

Give him something he'll cherish. Give him you. Men see in us what we often cannot. Love is like that. They see the morning light upon our faces as we are sleeping, the beauty of a glance, our laughter, our look of love and they retain that moment, for a life time. So what better Valentine's present than to give him something tangible to hold onto for the rest of his days?  Read More...

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  1. Gorgeous photo! This is beautiful and a beautiful message. I would love to have something like this done.


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