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Silencing of the L.A.M.B. A fashion lamb puts that government bonus to good :: 944

A fashion lamb puts that government bonus to good :: 944  and commentary on article from historic $600.00 Stimulus Package.
Credit and Copy Rights 944 Magazine
Written by Loraine Alkire
A couple of years ago I wrote the below article for 944 magazine- It's interesting to look back at my satirical if not prophetic point of view. Did the $600.00 dollar cash stimulus package Bush gave out do much good to save our economy? No.

Fashion changes as our economy changes. This has been proven by fashion choices, the length of skirts and the colors people choose: yes in real actual studies. Above all, my most prophetic claim was and still is that chartreuse is a sucky color for most people to wear.

Now people are again wearing practical colors like black, camel, and grey accenting them with decidedly less expensive accessories with more vivid colors in scarves or metallic, yes metallic costume jewelry to dress the drab fare up. It's as if we are all in mourning for Heaven's sake or our nation has become one giant New York. (Many people have had to sell their real jewelry to the new advertising pirates that buy gold for a few pennies on the dollar.)

But we must be practical indeed, for the failed stimulus packages, have indeed failed and the recession goes on. Although I can tell you I would love a $600.00 stimulus right now, wouldn't you? I'm not talking to you Paris Hilton or any of the few people who still have jobs earning over $250K a year or even $80K a year- Heck if you're making $50K a year now- consider yourself a lucky ducky.

Oh that's right the recession ended in June 2009 supposedly (silly me, smirk) - Did anyone notice? Still feels like a recession to most of us working class. Or should I say non-working class. (Unemployment is over 10% not including the untold numbers that haven't been included in that fuzzy algorithm.)

I hear Wall Street feels a bit better and gee that warms the cockles of my soul, giving me a fuzzy feeling all over to know they, the meek and humble of Wall Street are doing better. You see, I'm still quite cynical, so I will do what fashion lambs do. And it will be easy for me. I've always bought my best pieces in black or grey colors anyway, I'm not from N.Y. but I've been around New Yorker’s so long I can cuss like a sailor, whistle for a taxi and wear black all year if it behooves me. I'm one of those poor elite individuals- elite became synonymous with educated during the last election, so you can indeed be poor and elite at the same time. Once I was a middle class girl- na,na,na,-na-na,na,na. Now, I do my own nails, no more luxurious pedicures for me. I never let a penny drop to the ground without searching for it. I don't take things for granted like the occasional party, I cut and color my own hair, I get all the free samples I can, I forsake meat on the table; perhaps it's better to be vegetarian anyway.

I can say that I am happier than I have ever been, free of the delusions of grandeur, of being a fashionista, of taking for granted, and of feeling entitled. I enjoy my garden, full of herbs and some tomatoes, consort with God, enjoying life’s small pleasures and most of all not wearing chartreuse!

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