Friday, September 24, 2010

Debbie Reynolds or Elizabeth Taylor? A Provocative Question.

Which Star Would You Rather Be? Debbie Reynolds or Elizabeth Taylor?

Wikimedia Commons Public Domain
Debbie Reynolds

A couple decades ago, a former boss once asked me which star would I rather be, Debbie Reynolds or Elizabeth Taylor. My response was Debbie Reynolds. He was decidedly unhappy about my response, citing that Elizabeth Taylor was much sexier and alluring to men then Debbie Reynolds. I retorted that I thought I wanted to be Debbie Reynolds because she had a wholesome beauty about her.

Digressing- Some years later this boss, would ask me on the way back from a lunch, where I was awarded a raise for a job well done, "What would you say if I took you to a hotel and we took the rest of the day off to make mad passionate love, hypothetically speaking of course?" "My reply, I'm married and your married and I would say no; hypothetically speaking of course!" That and his teeth grossed me out. READ MORE AND SEE A GREAT VIDEO OF DEBBIE REYNOLDS

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