Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Micro-Graffiti at it's Best! Child's Converse Style Tennis Shoe Adorned

All la hip chic can say is wow! awww- isn't that cute!  Micro-graffiti is sure to grow ever more popular with designs such at this!
What Dersk has to say "So I have been working with a space no bigger than 1 by 2 inches, on watercolor paper, and using acrylics. This idea grew from working on larger scale images and I thought to myself it would be nice to travel a different road and push for something alot smaller. So far it has been fun exploring such a confined space. It has made me think a little different about my process, both as a writer, and a painter." We think you're moving in the right direction Dersk!
Check out, and see his great micro-art on fake fingernails. Right now Dersk is willing to do custom work- so you can contact him and see what happens. We believe his original works will only increase value over time.

Micro-Graffit at it's best- Converse Style
 Tennis Shoe Adorned by Dersk-
Copyright- All Rights Reserved
Dersk One is a Los Angeles based artist and has been involved with graffiti art for over 20 years. He works with various mediums on a wide range of surfaces. His work has been showcased in group exhibitions in Los Angeles, Rochester NY, San Francisco and in Taiwan R.O.C. He is currently available for custom art work.

Thank you Dersk One!

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