Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spaghetti Tacos and a Spanish Lesson Combined?

La Hip Chic adores all things fusion!  The jury is out on this recipe however. We like this video because the Spanish is at our level (we still have trouble conjugating verbs) and we just happen to think fake mustaches are funny. So Kudos on the fake mustaches!  We just aren't sure this is the way La Hip Chic would make a spaghetti taco. We think, it should be done with  spaghetti carbonara in a rich cream sauce that has been ever so slightly refried and put into homemade taco shells that are just on the soft side of hard; topped with fresh tomatoes, plenty of fresh basil,  and nice helping of  freshly shaved pecorino romano on top. Then, and only then, we would consider eating it. Calorie count 2000 at least per serving.
Tell us what you think of our recipe idea and what you think of the Video in general- We give it an a for creativity and a C for execusion.

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