Wednesday, September 29, 2010

National Coffee Day- How Will You Celebrate?

By Loraine Alkire
September 29th is National Coffee Day
Hooray- It's National Coffee Day! I can really raise my coffee mug to that. National coffee day; I was on my second cup of coffee before I even noticed that it was National Coffee Day. I can't see to read before my first cup of coffee. So as I sip my second cup of coffee; sip? Who am I kidding? As I guzzle my second cup of coffee I get to write about one of my favorite things-coffee.

Should I or shouldn't I ...Yes I Should!
Credit and Rights: Loraine Alkire
There is no doubt about it. I am a coffee-holic. Sure I've tried sobriety once or twice, tried switching to green tea as though it were a nicotine patch, but it just doesn't work. My thoughts turn to coffee. READ MORE HERE

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