Monday, September 27, 2010

Katy Perry, How'd You Get Censored on Sesame Street?

Written by contributing writer Ben Kenber
This is a zinger folks Ben at his Finest and Funniest!
Ben Kenber is an actor and writer, and they both serve to keep him sane in an increasingly
insane world. He mostly writes movie reviews,
but sometimes but sometimes goes outside of that to write something else.

A Look at the Overblown Controversy of Where Parents' Focus is at Instead of Where it Should Be

Kate Perry with Elmo on Sesame Street
Credit: PBS © PBS

Excerpt "What she wore in her scene with Elmo was nowhere as risqué as some of the stuff she wore for her Rolling Stone photo shoot. Now that was very hot, and I enjoyed it in ways I'd rather not get to in depth about. It was a sweet moment and a tolerable one for those who can stand Katy Perry's music." READ More Here

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